On the way to Tangkul

On the way to Tangkul

It was a joyful trip from Labuan Bajo to Tangkul, because Pak Lodovikus Vadirman, whom we’ve known since the beginning of 2015, picked us up at Pak Dons home.

We started from around 10 am and made an hour lunch and rest in Lembor (the largest rice field region within Manggarai) for an hour. We continued our trip to Ruteng and arrived there on 4 pm. Just before that we showed this traditionally kept culture inheritance of Manggarai about the norms how they divide their rice fields as you can see like a spider web. Beautiful and really unique.

Lembor (the largest rice field region within Manggarai)

And from there we only needed 1 hour to reach Tangkul, which is our destination.

This was really unusual for me (also for the coffee farmers) to arrive before dark, since i used to come after 9 pm.

We want our children to be able to see the environment of the village before it’s dark so they will get good orientation of the place where we are staying which is again at Mama Yani’s home.

The way to Tangkul was much better than my previous years for sure! We were really glad for that.

This morning we had a pleasant simple breakfast with Pak Benediktus Rudin at Mama Yani’s place.

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