The best showcase of well-nurtured organic coffee plantation

The best showcase of well-nurtured organic coffee plantation

Pak Benediktus Rudin showed us gladly his small coffee estate which is only around 5000m2. It took us around 1km away from his home but it was quite challenging slippery terrain.

He has some goats that have a BIG meaning for nurturing his coffee plants and also around 4 different types of big trees to shield them from to-much-sunshine heat. Twice a day he gave his goats their selected grass from his estate. He doesn’t buy meal for them but just “picks” directly there. The goats love to eats the skin of certain twigs and the naked twigs will be used as material for frying the pan. This is a circle of usefullness.

We got a really meaningfull lectures directly on the fields concerning Pak Benediktus’s observation how we got a really healthy organic estate after cultivating all important aspects since years of dedication. He is really a humble ever learning coffee farmers and loves his goats too.

He always brings materials (such like cooking woods) and also processed coffee beans during their 3-4 harvest months. I tell you folks, it will be around 20 until around 30kg (even more) each time he travels back. I admire his dedication towards his given work by God as a simple small scale coffee farmer.

He and his wife think highly upon us and wish to make their first attempt of Arabica SL-795 in anaerob processed available for us. Gladly we will buy this gems and roast them to present it within Indonesia and surely in Döbeln too.

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