Our committed helpfull guide: Pak Don Matur

Our committed helpfull guide: Pak Don Matur

I present you this humble knowledgeable guide with his wife, who hosted us on our last day in Labuan Bajo before we left to Ruteng/Tangkul. Yes, we spent one night there.

His wife cooked delicious – specialy her fried fish! It is legendary.

They live since 2017 on this neighbourhood and have nourished a warm relationship with the neighbours.

I was invited too at a thanksgiving traditional ritual event at neigbours house, which is held once a year at the beginning of the year. This family relatives came altogether (around 10 people) and the grandfather led the ritual by cutting a chicken and spoke certain manggarai ceremonials recites to honour their ancestors so the new year will be blessed. Pak Don saw this acts not as ‘animysm belief’ but just to honour the given culture of manggarai as that too is linked to God, whom they worship through catholism.

Pak Don knows a lot of meaningful and wonderfull spots not just within Labuan Bajo but also within Flores island. Even the islands of into Komodo region, Timor Leste and Sumba. Do you want to do island ‘hopping’?

He is cooperating with other agencies too and loves to see the florishing workout concept of genuine simple eco-tourism: sharing the everyday life of manggarai people to guests who wants to experience it.

I am sure that we too can be involved to provide him respectful guests in the future. Maybe its you, reader?

Visit the island of Flores island and get your help from Pak Don to explore it well.

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