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Meeting The Kings & Queens

May 2020

Starting from 2016 Nicolas always try his best to bring other customers to come and to engage the farmers of ASNIKOM directly – face to face experience – through a homestay visit at their simple hut and neighbourhood in Tangkul, Rende Nao.

Every participant has to pay their international and also the inland plane ticket by themselves.

We calculate all the costs (international and domestic flights, all traveling expenses, accomodations – exclude personal shopping demands) around 2.000€ gross (more or less).

Preparation in Jakarta


The journey start from landing in the Bandara Soekarno Hatta, in Jakarta, Indonesia as we have to spent 2 nights first at Pondok Arkhipus Regeny, Nicolas’s family house, on the southern part of Jakarta.

This is quite important to get some rest and also to adjust ourselves to time (around 5-6 hours difference to european time) and environment as well.

On the 3rd day we will leave directly to the airport again and before lunch time we will fly to Bandara Komodo in Labuan Bajo.

Main Destination: Flores Island


Around lunch time we will land and around 2 pm we will start the 5 hours driving uphill to Ruteng (it’s only about 120km distance actualy). Around 7.30 pm we will have simple dinner at Kopi Mane there and a short 1 hour break before we continue to drive a 1,5 hour trip to Tangkul, Rende Nao. We hope to arrive there before 10 pm.

I think around 11.30 pm everyone will ready to experience the first night as we all get to sleep in each given room in its simplicity. This will be our 3rd night.

4th until 6th day we will spent time in Rende Nao and also traveling to Biting and Colol to visit ASNIKOM’s members and to experience the work and life of simple farmers. We will do their field works together with them – enjoying their daily activity, their food and the culture (the gatherings and communions).

At the 7th day we will go downhill to Cancar to take memorial photos of the rice field and also continue to the beginning of spot where we then have to hike around 2,5 hours to the famous traditional village of Wae Rebo. We will stay our 7th night there as well.

At the 8th day we will go back to Labuan Bajo and have a rest there.

Side Trip: Bali Island


On the 9th day we will go back to Bali and spent a night in Kintamani as we will visit the family coffee plantation belong to Pak Wayan.

Starting from the 10th day as we will go to Seminyak in Bali, every participant is free to decide what they want to do as Nicolas will leave them from there. You can choose how long you want to have leisure in Bali as tourist and do further activities like hiking, surfing, swimming (snorkling) or even diving and use boats to visit other islands nearby.

When the participant is finish with their personal wishes and activities in Bali, they can go back to Jakarta to stay at a least for 1 night at Nicolas’s family residence and the next day can go straight to the airport and head back to Europe.

Costs Calculation

This is some hints:

  • International flights (Münich – Jakarta – Münich): 700€
  • Domestic flights (Jakarta – Labuan Bajo – Bali – Jakarta): 250€
  • Traveling costs (Jakarta, Flores, Bali): 200€
  • Accomodations (Jakarta, Flores, Bali): 350€
  • Our managing and operating (includes translation) services: 500€

Sum: 2.000€

Obviously you can try for yourselves to travel and visit the farmers but you will get great challenges to relate with the farmers within ASNIKOM as they don’t understand english at all and also it need time to build trust and you don’t understand their mind set and culture as well.

Starting from Labuan Bajo you will be targeted by car drivers who eager to have you hop into their vehicle as they will obviously charge you highest fee. You will also get some difficulties when you will go shopping and also during the time hiking. At the end of this kind of personal visit you will end up with more expenses and less meaningful experiences.

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