Marketing Event 1

Marketing Event 1

Our First Prasentation At KSPCA Market

Langata Road, Karen

On Saturday the 20th of May 2023 from 9 am until 4 pm we were attending this market to engage visitors and vendors as we are introducing KAFFEEkostBAR and our given Two-Kings-Principle to deal with REAL GOOD specialty coffee.

The venue is KSPCA Langata Road in Karen.

This is our first time in this market so we believe there will be needed improvement for the next time. Gladly we will use the roasted specialty coffee beans from Barista & Co. and also from JOWAM Coffee Roaster in Nairobi and also our bio organic royalty coffees from our roastery in German.

We even planned already a Quiz for winning a cup of coffee (or a discount for the cup).

We were thankful for the given spot within the venue. It was also a good weather day, but somehow there were not many visitors coming. Therefore we only had little attention for what we are offering. The CEO of Spring Valley Coffee was there too and we recognized him too. We was really open toward a meeting at his head office in Spring Valley.

We were really delighted to see two good friends from Eric’s former work place that  were coming there – all the way from outside Nairobi. They were such an encouragement for us and they demand our royalty coffee from Indonesia to be brewed for them during their morning break. Now we are challenged to organize and answer their demand.

Surely Eric (assisted by Stacy) will again show presence in the next market and we hope the audience will grow bigger.

Classes Schedule:
Saturday 27th of May, 4-6 pm
Saturday 3rd of June, 4-6 pm

For Registration and more info, contact Kithao Eric Mwirigi
+254 7000 57 685 (SMS/Whatsapp/Telegram)

Beginner Class
4000 KES/PAX (max. 6 participants)
• General knowledge about coffees – the quality, differences and about specialty coffee
• Neocolonialism
• The needs of transparency (Two-Kings Philosophy)
2 hours includes 3x coffee glasses each 150ml and snacks

Intermediate Class
4000 KES/PAX (max. 4 participants)
Manual Brew Methods (2 hours practical)
• Pour Over • French Press
• Aeropress • Turkish
• Flair Espresso

We will fill this website with more contents as we have quite interesting facts concerning the world of coffee within Kenya, which will be transformed in coming years, since Jesus Christ made an end toward neocolonialism.

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