Upcoming Coffee Utensils

Upcoming Coffee Utensils

Our First Import

Available our office in Ngong Town

As we see the urgency within Kenya to be able to celebrate their God’s given specialty coffees, then we just start as the first to officialy bring theses great existed coffee utensils from knowledgeable brands from Indonesia, USA and also from China.

We will present you here in Kenya various celebrated products from SUJI (Indonesia), Flair Espresso (USA) and also TIMEMORE (China). We are a family company without any banks credit and capital investors at our back as we choose to trust God for a healthy growth within our ministry.

The given price list here is a starting point for us all but for your information that we use air freight for the shipping of the products either from China or from Indonesia. But still the prices are actually almost the same then whats given in the USA (for TIMEMORE products). Surely we will also get the possibility to use sea freight to cut the cost on the long way.

Thanks to TIMEMORE we also can give you a wide selection for a great hand grinders, that they have been introduced to the market so according to your needs, you will get the right one. Here are our simple “short comments” concerning the comparison from each imported grinder models:

C2 Max White and C3 Series have “some” plastic elements and “a bit bulky” feeling in the hand. C2 Max White (with 30g capacity) is already a starting point as it is already an all-round grinder starting from making the right portion of shots on Flair Espresso up to a coarse French Press – already with 13,200 KSH. But if you have higher demand to dive deeper into the specialty coffee world then consider to go up the ladder from C3S.

The lowest price is C2 Max White (PDF). Then it goes up with C3S (PDF), C3 ESP (PDF) and C3S Pro Black (PDF). Just click on the product PDFs for more informations or what “other onlineshops” in Europe wrote on their websites.

The next level is Slim 3 (PDF) or Slim Plus (PDF) and on the very top are *Chestnut ESP (PDF) or Chestnut X Lite Black (PDF).

Slim 3, Slim Plus, Chestnut ESP and X-Lite are ALL metal elements (NO plastic). Slim 3 and Slim Plus feels just great in your hand because of their given size (specialy for small hands). Chestnut ESP and X-Lite are visually and also the hand feeling in the same class as Comandante* and cost lower than it.

If you are a passionate Barista, who puts excelence on your espresso shots, then C3 ESP or Chestnut ESP are your options – instead 12 clicks per circle you have 30 clicks per circle (finer resolution).

*In our coffee shop in Germany we are also presenting the german’s celebrated grinder brand called Comandante (it’s like brands such as Porsche or Lamborgini within the sport cars industries). Yes, it is an upper class grinder and made in a small commited family manufacture in Unterhaching, Munich. So with the given high labour cost there they must present a high price for their “Made in Germany”-quality and the price starts from 255€ or 37,740 KES (already within Germany) or 325 USD or 44,850 KES in the USA. If you want them gladly we will help you to get your hand for it. We will calculate the the costs to bring it to you.

The best way for you is to meet us for a showdown of these precious hand grinder so you can feel and see the differences from each one. We are sure that you will find the right one for you since you might only need buy a coffee hand grinder once in a lifetime.

We have very limited available products, but we are trustworthy as a chosen official supplier from each manufacture company. We were told that the goods that we order will be there on our office adress in 2 weeks time – thanks to air freight (sea freight will take around 5-6 weeks).

For actual information about the availibility of the products please contact Kithao Eric Mwirigi on +254 7000 57 685 (SMS/Whatsapp/Telegram). You can order your goods and give 50% of the given money as a down payment.

For payment use paybill number 522522 and account number 7587021 (Mwirigi Kahawa – MUNGOs Ltd).

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