The Two Kings Principle
Our Philosophy

The Two Kings Principle is the belief that only a two-way appreciation can cause true satisfaction on both sides. Customer as well as coffee farmer are „king“.

The farmer knows how much his customers enjoy his coffee, he understands and respects their wishes. For that reason he really cares for his coffee trees, their enviroment and healthy growth and he also appreciates his own labor.

The consumer seeks high quality in coffee because to him it is luxury, there to be enjoyed, and for that reason he also highly values the labor and devotion of the farmer.

Both – consumer and farmer – have a healthy appreciation fort he coffee plant and it‘s natural habitat. Sustainability and organic farming are understood as a matter of course.

It is our ambition to help conumers to know the ones by name who grow their coffee and to give them a primary insight into the coffee‘s origin and quality.

Our definition of the farmers profit is a holistic one: He as a human being should continuously grow in his identity. From dependence to self-dependence. Gaining a real understanding of the true value of his work and product, having the power to freely decide to whom to sell for how much and also when he wants to do that.

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