• TOAST H.A.N.D Coffee Carafe Set 550ml

      Suitable for V60 filter paper 01, you can control the speed and temperature perfectly with H.A.N.D dripper as it is not easily to be blocked by coffee powder.
      The coffee flavor made by this dripper is light and balanced.
      A minimalist-shape double wall glass carafe is good at keeping coffee warm, and not feels hot when you use it.
    • TOAST H.A.N.D

      110,00 99,95

      The design of H.A.N.D collection begins with the form of “wire”.

      Lee- Chi Wing creates the unique appearance of H.A.N.D dripper and stand with the materials of metal (stainless steel coated with copper). With its special structure, the wire dripper also creates its own coffee flavor.

      The minimalist copper wire dripper is the most remarkable feature of this design.

      Suitable for common V60 filter paper 02, the structure holds the filter paper nicely and also presents aesthetic copper tone when dripping.

      The design of 800ml Coffee Carafe provides sense of lightness and safety at the same time. The same time, the triangular shape of carafe neck can holds the dripper stably. The graphics of four simple circles on the carafe indicates the portion of the coffee quantities, make it clean and easy to be recognized.

    • TOAST H.A.N.D Coffee Dripper

      29,00 25,00

      Dieser wunderschöne, kupferfarbige Kaffeefilter-Halter ist Teil der kürzlich eingeführten Tropfkaffeekollektion H.A.N.D. von TOAST Living, die Kaffeefilter-Halter, Karaffe und Wasserkessel umfasst. Entworfen vom HK Designstudio Milk Design, ist H.A.N.D. für den täglichen Gebrauch konzipiert.

      Der Kupferdraht-Filterhalter ist das bemerkenswerteste Merkmal dieser Konstruktion. Die spezielle Struktur hält das Filterpapier gut und präsentiert auch beim Tropfen einen schönen Kupferton.

      Geeignet für V60-Filterpapier 01 , können Sie die Geschwindigkeit und Temperatur mit dem H.A.N.D.-Dripper perfekt steuern, da er nicht leicht durch Kaffeepulver blockiert werden kann. Der Kaffeegeschmack dieses Dripper ist leicht und ausgewogen.

    • TOAST Kettle mit Temperaturanzeige

      144,95 125,00

      The H.A.N.D copper kettle is designed for making drip coffee.

      With the 18-8 material coated with copper, the kettle is not only easy to maintain but also has beautiful copper glamour.The thin spout is not only elegant but also enables water to flow slowly and predictably throughout the kettle even with small amount of water.

      Holding up to 800 ml of water, it meets the needs of both beginners and professional baristas. The built-in thermometer gives optimal temperature control. The angle wooden handle creates warm and stable feeling.

      The quality metal finishing gives the kettle a delightful and eye-catching look.

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