Timemore Chestnut Black Manual Grinder

Timemore Chestnut Black Manual Grinder

Product code: Z-TM-CB


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Timemore Chestnut is a hand grinder that perfectly combines metal and wood – functionality and solid form. Its modern design has won The RedDot Award 2017.

Its body is made from one piece of aluminum, which adds to stable work and durability. Two deep groove ball bearings fix the center shaft to spin, which ensures the grinding core shaft spinning with a nice fluency and concentricity. That is the key to achieving a uniform grinding effect, even with lightly roasted coffees.Another advantage of the grinder are the conical burrs made of hardened stainless steel. Combined with stable axle, they provide even grind at every step of the coarseness scale.

Last but not least, a patent dot-scale adjuster makes it easy to choose the right grind size.

The grinder is especially recommended for pour-over brewing methods.

It can hold up to 30g of beans.


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