NEU 2021: Timemore Slim Plus Grinder


NEU 2021: Timemore Slim Plus Grinder

Product code: Z-TM-SPG


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The newly original design E&B Burrs (Espresso and Brewing) is compatible for both Pour Over and Espresso grinding. E&B burrs are based on S2C Principle, which means spike to cut and can make secondary cuttting. With precise data analysis, we adjusted its parameters and improved its grinding data and user’s experience.

For Pour Over: its fines ratio is lower than old stainless burrs and comes with higher consistency.

For Espresso: its grinding efficiency is higher than Itamill burrs which allows you to finish 20g within 2 min.

E&B burrs improve higher uniformity and higher grinding efficiency.

The grinder is designed to meet the expectations of travelling coffee lovers. It is only 4,2 cm in diameter, 16 cm high, and its body is made from one piece of aluminum, and it has a walnut handle knob – elegant and durable.

Patterned texture allows for firm grip and makes grinding easier.

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httpsAnother advantage of the grinder are the conical burrs made of hardened stainless steel. Combined with stable axle, they provide even grind at every step of the coarseness scale. The coarseness is easily adjustable with a knob under the burr.

The Slim Grinder may hold up to 20-25g of beans.

Gewicht1150 g
Größe10 × 18 cm

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