Our Commitment

ASNIKOM has made several bad experiences with buyers and export firms. And everytime they suffer.

They asked us for help.

That time ASNIKOM understood that this problem might not have happened if they had included us from the beginning. We don’t judge them for doing so because it’s a learning process they are in.

According to the Two-Kings-Principle we want them “to continuously grow in their identity, from dependence to self-dependence, gaining a real understanding of the true value of their work and product, having the power to freely decide to whom to sell for how much.” Those farmers have been kept in the dark and treated as naïve and even stupid for decades.

The truth is they are good-hearted people who just don’t expect others to be capable of such selfish acts. It is hard for them to discern who is truthful and honest and interested in them as people and who is not.

If now anyone outside of Indonesia is interested in buying grade one coffee beans from ASNIKOM, they had to contact us. We trust that the farmers if approached by some kind of export firm or trader will ask us for help.

Farmers, beans and prices was going to be listed on the official Website from ASNIKOM, made and managed by us, since we were ordered by them to do so.

Due to the given facts on our adjusted PURIFIED Two-Kings-Principle in the beginning of 2023 we are bound not to be able to do that furthermore in behalf of ASNIKOM – instead we are doing this for individual coffee farmers who asked us to live this principle without compromise.

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